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New Xbox Experience and Zune News

Posted on Jan 22, 2009 09:13:56 AM

It’s been a long week for me. I’ve been pretty busy with lot’s of action on the Xbox and Zune to keep me up late nights. I installed the New Xbox Experience and did a run through video of sorts. It’s kinda weak but the best I could get with my crap internet connection.I’ll upload some more this week and a better review of the new user interface later but for now I must say it’s a huge improvement. There is so much more stuff in the Xbox console that they really did have to streamline the interface.

The coolest feature so far has been the Xbox Avatar that I was able to configure with my own look and style. The Avatar can be used in select games from the XNA community but I have not been able to download any games as of yet. I’ve been to darn busy at work blogging about Zune and all the great Zune News of the week. It was a big week in the Zune universe for sure. We had lots of rumors on a ZunePhone with everyone claiming there would be an announcement at the CES in January but those rumors were squashed this morning when Gizmodo announced that the Zune team has confirmed there will be no Zune Phone at CES.

Of course that just mans that MS is not planning on making their own phone but we should expect to see Zune software integrated with Windows Mobile for a portable Microsoft gaming platform on millions of smartphones around the world. The Microsoft Project Pink is supposed to combine a premium set of mobile service into Windows Mobile 7 that may even include features from the New Xbox Experience as well. It looks like Microsoft has big plans for 2009 and we should expect a lot of development on the gaming front.

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Play portable games on Zune players

Posted on Nov 28, 2008 08:46:59 PM

Hello game fans! How has your gaming life been? Mine is much improved with the addition of games for Zune. Not only do I have one cool mp3 player but after a simple software update I am now carrying a portable game player in the same device.

I bought my Zune about 2 years ago and although some folks have had their gripes about it not being an iPod I have always been happy with mine. It’s been a great music player with a large screen that plays videos in landscape mode for a widescreen feel that blows smaller screens away. I think the Zune is a way better device for the money than any iPod especially when you consider how it just keeps getting better and better. Read the rest of this entry »

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